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Customer questions and answers for
fade out tee (b +t)

The Fade Out Tee (B&T) by Mecca features: US sizing Crew neck collar Screen print on front True to size fit Model is wearing size 4XL
Customer questions and answers:
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3 Answers
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Customer questions and answers for Mecca fade out tee (b +t)


Will this match a North Carolina Tar Heels Snapback? Its the carolina blue but the letters are blocked style with the navy blue color along with bill.

Gender: male
asked 1 year ago
Hallsboro, NC
on fade out tee (b +t)
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3 answers
answer 1
Dunno if it would work coz the blue of the Tee is more NY Giants blue and would be too light against the navy block lettering and may be too dark against the Tarheels blue wich is more sky blue.
answered 10 months ago
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answer 2
Yes, it's a tee that can be worn with several hats.
answered 11 months ago
Brooklyn, New York
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answer 3
I do apologize, but the item may not be a perfect match as the shade of colors can be different.
answered 1 year ago
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