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Recent question:
When you say size 7, I assume that's US right? Cos I know I wear size 38 in European, that's size 5 in UK. Is that same as size 7 in US?
Recent question:
is this a womens shoe? or are these mens sizes??
Recent question:
Pls tell me the nearest shop u r doing business with
Recent question:
What does it cost to ship to Sydney Australia?
Recent question:
how dose your elois azte trim sneaker shoes run
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What does it cost to ship to Sydney Australia?
how dose your elois azte trim sneaker shoes run
The size of this shoes is 5. I would like to ask, is this US or English shoes size? Thank you!
The CL Shoes from Reebok
What shoe sizes are these in? American, UK...
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leather & nubuck sneaker

The Leather & Nubuck Sneaker by Akademiks features: Modern take on classic chukka silhouette Pieced synthetic leather and synthetic suede upper Contrast stitching throughout with logo applique on outside of heel Self-tie lace closure with metal eyelets and logo applique at top of tongue Padded collar and footbed for secure and comfortable fit Rubber cupsole for durability and traction
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Customer questions and answers for Akademiks leather & nubuck sneaker

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