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Looking for Answers about Summer Citrus one inch glass pillar scented candle burns approx?

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i would love to have this shoe in a size 10 or 11why dont you guys have my size or does this shoe come in my size
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Will more sizes come back in stock for this item?
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what is size 25 i wear in jeans a size16
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What size is this shoes Us or UK ? I don't know which I need choice.
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do you sell baby phat watches?
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Will you ship me the item exactly as it is illustrated in the picture?
please i wear a size 14L uk sizw, please what is the right size to choose for a jean. thanks
Do these shoes run true to size? If so do you have these shoes in a size 7 or 7 1/2?
Help Re Shoe Size from US to UK
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one inch glass pillar scented candle burns approx

One 4.5 Inch Glass Pillar Scented Candle. Burns Approx. 70 Hrs.PLEASE NOTE SUMMER CITRUS DOES NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY.
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Customer questions and answers for Summer Citrus one inch glass pillar scented candle burns approx

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